4 Body Language Cues You Need to Know When Networking

Networking shmetworking. You need strong body language everywhere in your business: when you meet suppliers, potential clients. You even need it at weddings and bar mitzvahs for God’s sake! So read some great tips about what you need to keep in mind when networking by the founder of the famed networking group BNI  in Entrepreneur magazine:

1. Eye contact. Are you making good eye contact throughout the conversation? Or are you  looking behind the person to see who else is in the room?
2. Arm movement. What are your arms doing? Are they folded, signifying boredom, or tucked  behind your back, indicating interest?
3. Your stance. Are  you leaning on something, as if bored or tired? Are you unable to shake hands  because you’re juggling a plateful of food?
4. Facial expressions. Are you smiling, or  holding back a yawn? Are you showing interest? What does your face say?

When you get out there to drum up more business and you don’t much feel like schmoozing, know that what you’re feeling can be communicated to those around you by your body language. Science proves that when you change your body language, your brain then thinks all is hunky dory and starts sending feel good signals to your brain. Then lo and behold, you actually start to feel better.
So the next time you are out and about with people to get more clients, change your body language and watch your results change.
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