5 Signs That You Are Living In The Dark Ages

I’ve been having lots of short phone chats with people I meet while networking, on social media or with people who’ve been e-introduced to me. In some cases, I have to really shake my head at the mindset that greets me. Here are some hints that you might also be living in the dark ages…
1. You Connect With Someone Only Because You Think They’ll Become A Client
When did every date become a marriage proposal? How do people expect every interaction to yield money? How archaic is the thinking that unless I’m going to buy from you that you are not interested in a single word I have to say? Sheesh
2. You Are Perfect (Or Think You Are)
Not open to hearing about how others are doing it? Success stories in your industry are automatically tuned out by your senses? I understand, of course I would too if I were perfect. It’s too bad there are so few of us in this world, am I right?
3. You Don’t Care About Me
If you’re spending 90% of the conversation, oh no–make that 100% talking about you and never once think to ask about my business, then I’m going to start getting the idea that you just don’t give a hoot about me. You also don’t give a hoot about helping me or connecting me with a potential partner or client or anything.
4. Your Sales Suck But You Say You’re Really Busy
Authenticity and transparency are the new black. On one hand there are clear indicators that you’re not doing so hot and on the other you’re bragging about a marathon of non ending work. Which is it my friend?
5. You Refuse Any Help
You refuse resources, partnerships or any other type of help because, yeah I forgot, you are perfect and you’re already really busy.
If you, as a small business owner are exhibiting any of these signs, I beg you to get yourself checked out and get a cromagnonitis stat. Drag yourself and your business into the new age of marketing. Give instead of ask. Listen instead of talk. Collaborate instead of sell.
Getting off my probably PMS driven soap box now.
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