79% of Revenue Champs Do Personalized Marketing

Creating your own running shoe or using skin matching to find your exact shade of makeup? Personalized marketing isn’t just for the B2C world anymore. It has always been in the B2B world but it has suddenly become even more important in 2023 with the availability of AI driven data usage.

What is it?

Personalized Marketing is the strategy of changing your ads, web copy, service packages and outreach to address a very specific company or target. And it works. A Salesforce study showed that 84% of B2B buyers wanted to be targeted as a human and not as a business. However, only 27% of customers say that sellers offer a good selling experience. So here’s how you can use the power of Personalized Marketing to show them you care.


One of the ways I use Personalized Marketing is through LinkedIn segmenting where I put in customized Direct Messages for people who attend trainings on LinkedIn that have to do with B2B Marketing. Other ways I’ve segmented and Personalized my DMs have been through groups or within specific industry or geographies. The possibilities are endless.


Another form of Personalization is to take generic marketing content you’ve produced and to add an introductory video or audio message while sending it to a prospect. No matter which way you slice it, repurposing to Personalize at its best is through AI. You can drive website visitors to segmented pages, sections or calls to action through the use of this technology and it’s brilliant.


Account Based Marketing has long been a master form of Personalized Marketing. It has only gained in importance and recognition in 2023. It’s the hyper targeting of one company and one decision maker as a marketing strategy. For example, placing billboards or lawn signs or bus wraps near the targeted buyer’s office with a Personalized message is one form of genius ABM. It’s expensive and can take a long time but ultimately it gets meetings with hard to reach decision makers.

Order of Importance

Here’s how prospects have rated the order of importance in Personalized Marketing copy: First is it speaking to my industry? Then is it speaking about my pain? Next does it refer to my title in the company? Then does it mention my geography? And lastly, does it showcase examples of companies similar to me and my pain?

Once you bake in these above factors into your B2B Personalized Marketing efforts, you can claim your spot amongst the 79% revenue champs too.

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