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Marketers are silly people anyway. They have to marry creativity with the bottom line. They have to entertain and educate and solve problems. So is it surprising that they’ve created silly phrases and that there are only 8 of them?  from Inc. Magazine lists them in this hilarious rant.

1. “Demand creation”
This phrase results in bad marketing because it encourages marketers to think that their job is to do something to the customer rather than for the sales team.
2. “Drive sales”
This phrase results in bad marketing because it folds the sales function under the marketing rubric, rather than the natural order, which is t’other way ’round.
3. “Brand equity”
This phrase results in bad marketing because the squishiness of the concept makes it impossible to measure whether any given marketing activity was worth the cost.
4. “Hot sales lead”
This phrase results in bad marketing because it encourages marketers to judge the quality of sales leads based upon their own guesstimate rather than actual usefulness.
5. “Under embargo”
This phrase results in bad marketing because business reporters have an attention span of about 10 minutes and delete anything that they can’t immediately write about.
6. “Investment”
This phrase creates bad marketing because it encourages marketers (and everyone else in the company) to forget that marketing is always an expense.
7. “Robust”
This phrase encourages bad marketing because it allows marketers to have arguments and discussions over a term that has no real meaning.
8. “Customer-focused”
This phrase results in bad marketing because the fact that a marketing group labels an activity as “customer-focused” implies that some of what they’re doing isn’t.

As a small business marketing coach, I work with clients who don’t have the time or resources to waste on silly marketing phrases which are essentially silly marketing ideas. They have to figure out their ideal client and base their marketing on helping solve their pain.
If you’re a big business or small, take the advice above and avoid these silly marketing ideas.
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