86% of B2B Buyers See No Real Difference Between Suppliers

Buyers can't tell the difference between suppliers

Are you twinning with your competitors?

Ever wonder why corporate decision makers don’t respond to your emails or voicemail? Worse yet, do you ponder how come your red-hot lead has disappeared after the first meeting? According to B2B blog site Webbiquity, it could be because buyers don’t think that you’re any different than the previous 10 suppliers who called. This topic is very near and dear to my heart because that’s exactly what I help clients do:  stand out in a way that elevates them to an expertise in a very specific pain point.

The Sea Of Same-ness

We are floating in a sea of same-ness. So much so, that people (and decision makers) are craving for someone to say something, anything different than the next person. That explains the attention given to even people who say bad things like the Abercrombie and Fitch CEO who famously said that he didn’t want ‘fat-people to be wearing his brand’ or like Kanye West who said (among many other things) that he wants to be next US President. Like it or not, what they’re saying is different– and in marketing, different is good. Now, what about for your business? (Sadly) why not learn from the weirdos and the misfits who are daring to be different? Why not make sure that your positioning or your messaging or your strategy is unique?

Lasering In On Your Uniqueness

Although my clients go through a whole process to uncover the uniqueness of their offering, the general basics of positioning your business to be different is to specialize in one specific pain point. After all, corporations face many costly and persistent challenges everyday. There are reams of statistics about each and every dysfunction cost on the internet. The important part is to figure out which pain point is the most relevant one for the target group that you’re going after.

How Do You Talk About How You’re Different

One other big reason why corporate buyers can’t tell the difference between you and everyone else is because you’re offering the same solutions to their problems as everyone else. The truth is that even if two companies did exactly the same thing, they do it differently. Their internal culture, the backgrounds and skill set of the founders and key players all mean that there is a very unique bent to each supplier. Unfortunately, the statistic shows that these unique qualities are being lost in their communication. In order to talk about your difference, obviously first you have to figure out what specialty you’re an expert in. Then you have to talk about it in a way that ‘s different than anyone else. That’s usually through using your own unique personality (or brand character). Talk openly and honestly about what you like and don’t like about the industry that you’re niched in. Shout your excitement about new innovations and stand for what you believe in, even if it isn’t always going to be the popular opinion.

Becoming More Memorable

So how are you supposed to stick to the minds of the buyers like superglue? Start by figuring out how to create your uniqueness. Marry that with what’s already different about your company culture (this is called your brand character) and then shout from the tops of your lungs about the different way that you solve the buyer’s problems. I guarantee, you’ll get into the next meeting every time.
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