9 Qualities of Amazing Entrepreneurs

When I was restructured a decade ago, my outplacement company gave me an assessment to determine if I’d make a good entrepreneur. I failed the test miserably, claiming I was too risk averse and required too much structure to be a happy entrepreneur. Today, I’ve quit my day job and I am a happy entrepreneur.
Here are a few qualities of remarkable entrepreneurs according to a new article:

1. They find happiness in the success of others.
Great business teams win because their most talented members are willing to sacrifice to make others happy. Great teams are made up of employees who help each other, know their roles, set aside personal goals, and value team success over everything else.
Where does that attitude come from?
Every great entrepreneur answers the question, “Can you make the choice that your happiness will come from the success of others?” with a resounding “Yes!”
2. They relentlessly seek new experiences.
Novelty seeking—getting bored easily and throwing yourself into new pursuits or activities – is often linked to gambling, drug abuse, attention deficit disorder, and leaping out of perfectly good airplanes without a parachute.

via 9 Qualities of Amazing Entrepreneurs.
At the core of my bliss is the ability to help people non stop. It’s the flexibility to work as much as I want. It’s the ability to spend my time with the type of soul centered, smart and innovative people who I’ve always wanted to surround myself with. What are the qualities that make you an amazing entrepreneur?
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