A Lesson in Crisis Communication From Beyonce

I’m not American nor am I a sports fan but I’m a fan of gutsy and creative ways to solve pr headaches for a business. As a busy entrepreneur, I don’t know if you were aware of the pr crisis that Beyoncé faced when it was found out that she lip-synched at President Obama’s inauguration. Later, when she had to face a room full of hundreds of members of the press at a pre Super Bowl meeting, she simply asked people to stand and sang her heart out, ending with a very cute ‘any questions?’ Here is a take on what she did brilliantly:

She essentially ran through the four key steps from the playbook of crisis communications and management:
1.) Respond quickly.
2.) Be authentic and genuine in your response.
3.) If you’ve done wrong, admit fault.
4.) If your credibility has been called into question, find ways to quickly re-establish it.

What does this have to do with you, a small business owner? You too may face a crisis communication like a superstar in your business. The only exception being that you don’t have million dollar handlers and advisors. If you’re smart, you have a good business coach and your common sense. Follow the rules outlined in the article and you will quickly overcome the crisis and be stronger for it in the end!
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via A Lesson in Crisis Communication From Beyoncé.



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