A Love Letter From My Husband On Remembrance Day

My Andy and me

My husband made me cry today on November 11th, Remembrance Day. He wrote me a letter listing all that he’s thankful for. I should probably mention that we met online and that he wooed me with his crafty words and long letters until I agreed to a face to face meeting. The rest as they say, is history.
On this Remembrance Day, I feel so lucky–not only because we live in a war free country where personal safety is a given, but also because I have a hubby who can still make me cry in a good way.
Here’s a caption from his note:

I thank your parents for helping you become who you are, a strong willed, intelligent, go getter, determined and loving provider who will give a helping hand to anyone. I thank your sister for guiding and providing the only thing a big (little) sister could do and that is being your sister. I thank my parents for my life, for teaching and helping me. My parents, without whom I would not be who I am today.  I thank our darling son for teaching us what more the world has to offer than just work and play– but life.  And in this life, we owe thanks to the men and women of the past and present as we celebrate and remember their sacrifices.  We travel the highway of heroes every month and it not only is for the fallen but for the living.

I remember and always will
I love you canim (our Turkish endearment for each other which means ‘dear’)

What does all this mush have to do with small business growth? Showing my audience my authentic self and an intimate part of my life is simply part of my brand character and my brand voice. What can you be sharing with your audience to connect deeper with them?
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