About Page As a Positioning Tool

Seeing as how the ‘About’ page is the 2nd most visited section of any website after the ‘Home’ page, you need to be very careful about how you use it. In fact, why don’t you use it to position and differentiate your company? Here’s how…

ReThink Ice Cream Story

When George Haymaker (pictured above), a former drug addict gained 30 lbs during his efforts to stay sober, he downed ice cream like it was going out of style. He used the sugar high to beat the drug high that he missed. Out of his misery, a healthy, low sugar ice-cream was born. It was called ReThink Ice Cream. Now, George uses his story in his About page. That, in turn, has allowed him to become a thought leader about recovery and healthy living. ReThink ice cream’s core target is the education sector: he sells to 30 Colleges in California and talks on campus about mental health and entrepreneurship.

My Story

The way that I’ve used my About page as a positioning tool is to point out how I became an expert in pitching. It’s because when I worked at giant corporations as a buyer of services, I was pitched (badly) to death. I vowed to start my own company teaching vendors how to do it right. My story, which is in my About page, is a very powerful positioning tool.

How to Find Yours?

I like to teach my clients to position backwards. Meaning, first we do the research to find out which industry or interest group needs us the most and what pain point of theirs we can position ourselves as an expert in. Then, we come up with a phoenix rising story that the client themselves or someone very close to them went through to link the story with the positioning. Then we feature this positioning story in their About page, as well as their presentations and articles.

Don’t waste your About page with generic, impersonal nonsense. Make sure that every word in your website and especially your About page is strategic.

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