The Amazing Power of Quiz Marketing

Use a quiz and not the phone to get prospects

Ever seen one of those “Are You Good In Bed?” quizzes in Cosmo magazine when you were young (and wondered who actually takes those quizzes?) Well, that was my introduction to the great world of quizzes. Now, decades later, who would’ve thought that I’d be using them to market businesses?

Quiz as The Lead Generation Machine

Since day one, I’ve been teaching my clients to use something called Quiz Marketing to generate leads on their website. This is where you use a quiz to intrigue your target audience into engaging with you. If you think about the fact that most visitors to your website only stick around for a few seconds, you’re wasting that opportunity to connect with them if you don’t offer them something with irresistible value. For many clients, that value we provide is some form of assessment around the pain that they’re solving for their clients. For example, my client Gina, a Leadership Coach who we re-positioned as an expert in Decision Making offers a free quiz on her website titled “Are You A Fearless Decision Maker?”. This allows her to capture their information to allow her to send newsletters to them later.

Quiz Marketing For Events

As part of my own marketing plan, I do quite a few webinars about various marketing topics. Just as I was getting ready to do my latest, I got an email from a company called Interact. It was a quiz builder website for lead generation. I couldn’t believe that there was such an easy tool for what I’d been doing with my clients (the old fashioned way through backend programming and survey monkey etc.) for years! I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and tested it for my new webinar. Once I built the quiz, I linked it to my Registration page for the event. Then I put the link on my social media and newsletter as well as on my website. See the pop-up here.

Impressing Organizers With My Quiz

I was so excited about this new tool that when I was asked to do a webinar for other partners, I proposed building them quizzes to populate and market their own events. Here’s one of the events we built a quiz for. They had never even heard of Quiz Marketing before and boy, did I look like a rock star to them when I showed them this!
So if you’re also trying to find new ways to drive traffic to your event or website and putting some meaningful content out about your expertise, try using a Quiz. Not only are they fun to do (because you’re actively participating in something), informative (tells you where you stack up) but they also work like a charm to get that prospect’s information.
note: full disclosure-I loved this product so much that I became an affiliate for them, which means if someone I know buys through my link I get something like $20 a pop. I would’ve told people about this tool anyway but you get the idea…
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  1. Damir Radovic

    Hi Chala, this is definitely an interesting way to get more leads. I will look more into this!


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