Are You A Marketing Slouch?

If you’re not exactly doing cartwheels about how much your business has been growing then you might be interested in taking this test to see if you’re a dreaded Marketing Slouch or a happy Marketing Superstar. Chances are, if you’re not happy then you can stand to make a few changes in your biz. I’m here to shed some light!
Give yourself 1 point for every YES.
1. When people ask you what you do for a living, do people’s eyebrows go up (interest) versus down (confusion)?
2. After hearing your elevator speech, has anyone asked for your card to call you for a consultation?
3. Are you out networking with your perfect target client at least 1x a week?
4. Do you often get business from the places you network at?
5. Does your website talk more about your client’s problems or you?
If you scored between 0-2 You’re a Dreaded Marketing Slouch– Pick up the slack and you’ll see results right away, I promise!
If you scored between 3-4 You’re on your way to becoming a Marketing Superstar. Fine tune a few of your tactics and you’ll get the clients lining up!
If you scored a perfect 5, you are a certified Marketing Superstar. Congratulations! Your results probably tell you that anyway.
When you’re wondering why you’re not attracting new leads and the only new business you’re getting is from word of mouth, think back to whether you’re a marketing slouch or not.
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