Are You An Askhole?

I loved this title and article by   in Entrepreneur Magazine because these 3 things happen to me regularly and I myself was guilty of them at one point or another. Take a read to see if you’re also an Askhole (someone who asks inappropriate things of your business networks)

Can I buy you a drink? When you ask someone to join you  for coffee, drinks or a meal on the pretense of business, it’s a pretty big  request. It might seem a small favor–an hour or so of someone’s time (and hey,  you’re buying!)–but here’s what you’re really asking: Would you take an hour  away from cultivating your business to help me with mine? You’re asking them to  take time from their office, clients or projects.
Can you introduce me to …? Social media has made it  pretty easy to see who’s connected to whom. However, just because someone you  know has a connection you need doesn’t mean that you’ve earned the right to an  introduction. An introduction is an even bigger deal than a drink or a  meal–you’re asking someone to trust you with a relationship they’ve cultivated  and nurtured.
Can I pick your brain? You say  “pick your brain”; they hear “unpaid consulting session.”  After all, would you ask your attorney for a quickie legal briefing in  exchange for little more than a coffee?
Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226748#ixzz2ZsCkXXtb

How do you avoid being an Askhole? You develop meaningful relationships first before asking for favours. You expect to pay real hard cash for opinions of people who get paid to give it. You fess up with your true agenda and ask the right people who know, love and trust you to help get you business.
Bottom line, if you want to know if you’re being an Askhole, just ask the person you’re doing the asking to, if you are being an Askhole.   You never know, that might just endear you to them.
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