Are you lazy?

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Whether you truly are ‘lazy’ or not, I don’t know nor do I really care. What I’m here to help you do is to get you to a productive state from that comatose one that you might be in right now.
Lazy is as lazy does
If you’re always busy and exhausted, you sure don’t feel ‘lazy’ but your business results aren’t anything to write home about. This maybe because you’re following the wrong business strategy to get clients.  This happened to me when an unfortuante coach kept assuring me that I was doing the right things to get clients.  I wasted 4 months exhausting myself with not even a single client to show for it.  If that is you–you’re not ‘lazy’, you just have a plan that’s not working. Get a new one.
Burned out
If your ‘laziness’ is only a recent phenomenon, you might just be burned-out and recuperating. Think about what went on in your life prior to this vegetative state you’re in now.  Anything burnout worthy busy, anything traumatic? You could simply be taking a breather.  Make sure you get help though, your recovery could take way longer than it needs to.
Born this way
If like the Lady Gaga song, you’ve always been considered ‘lazy’, I’ll bet my favourite baby blue Patagonia fleece jacket that you’re in a line of work that doesn’t excite you.  Find the music in you and make sure you don’t die with it still in you.  You don’t want to go through life not caring enough about anything to actually work hard at it–do you?
Whatever your reason, there’s always something you can do to un-lazify yourself, even if it’s just to figure out why.
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