Best 3 Gifts You Can Give

My husband is out shopping with our 3-year-old as I work today. I have no doubt that he’s shopping for me. Here are 3 free and wonderful gifts you can give for the holidays or at any time. Not to be like a cheesy commercial but these gifts that are mentioned in the article are truly priceless because good ones are so very rare. Read on to see if you’ll be giving some this Christmas.

When I was young and just starting my career, a manager told me that he had great respect for my work ethic and that he felt I had potential in the company. This one compliment had me hooked and motivated and taught me how inspiring and impactful a well-placed and well-timed compliment can be.
Give someone a little credit for a job or an accomplishment, even if it’s not completely deserved, and your next big idea may actually come from them.
In times of stress, people look toward stability. This is the time for leaders to take the stress upon their shoulders and say simply…everything is going to be okay. Whether it’s your employees, your friends, or your family, there has never been a more important time to be the rock.
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The  best gift of all though has been left off this list and that is the gift of forgiveness. This is the type of gift that’s both a gift to you and to the person you’re giving it. You can forgive contentious bosses and co workers, clients who’ve fired you, vendors who’ve gouged you and most of all, you can forgive yourself if you didn’t exactly achieve everything you set out to or do all that you promised yourself you would in 2012.
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  1. aviralkulshreshtha

    Incredible post Chala. I love the way you spoke about giving complement at the right time, ” how inspiring and impactful a well-placed and well-timed compliment can be”.
    Thanks Chala for sharing this wonderful article..

  2. chaladincoy

    Thanks as always for your kind words Aviral.


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