Can’t Land Sales Meetings? Your Positioning Is Not Working

Getting new leads is the number one business challenge of all small business owners. They are pretty good at closing the deal once they can get in front of decision makers but they are stumped about how to get more meetings. After trying LinkedIn bots, sales funnels, Social Media managers, sales reps, podcasts, etc, if you’re still struggling to land sales meetings, it’s because your positioning isn’t working.

What Is It?

Your positioning is the way you present yourself in the market. It is a combination of who you target and what you say to them that makes up a positioning. I learned how to position new products and then re-position underperforming products when I worked in marketing and sales at huge consumer goods manufacturers like PepsiCola, Diego and Playtex for 18 years. It’s all about finding that lucrative gap in the market that people have a need and nobody but you are claiming to solve it for them. That’s called your niche position. Here’s how to land sales meetings using your Positioning.


When you pick one or two industries or interest groups to target, you become a Specialist. Even if you have clients in every single industry known to man-kind, try to make sure that at least your web content, sales deck, elevator pitch all point to that one industry expertise. Your SEO results will thank you for it. And so will your revenue because you’ll be booking meetings much faster with corporations who trust you to know their industry.

Pick a Pain Focus

Niching on one aspect of that industry’s pain is the best way to beat the competition who is spouting generic messaging and not standing out. For example, instead of saying “I fix a company’s culture”, say “I’m a Gen Y engagement specialist for tech companies”. Or instead of saying “I’m an elder care provider”, say “I’m an eldercare strategist who helps reduce employee burnout due not having a plan when dad or mom has their first fall”. Specific pain point based positioning opens buyer doors.

Live, Breath, Bleed This Niche

Once you’ve strategically picked your target industry, make them your life. Hang out with them at their association and organization meetings, speak at their chapter events, interview them for articles in their industry publications, contribute to their networks. They will get to know you, like you and trust you. Then they’ll grant you meetings.

Pump Out Wisdom

Securely in their world now, you need to demonstrate your expertise around their pain. Consistently create content around their pain and how you’ve helped solve it in their networks. Put your content in their social media stream posts, videos, interview thought leaders about the pain, speak publicly in every format about this pain and own the wisdom around solving it.

Set Up Visibility Funnels

Essentially your marketing plan is your visibility plan. Will you be speaking about your Positioning while networking, at trade shows, with referral partners or even your events? Set up your plan and keep it consistent. Buyer doors will be opening up for you.

Positioning is the number one way to land sales meetings and once you figure out how to reposition your company, you will be a sales superstar.

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