Clients Who Back Out

The ugly face on the down side of the big high of a new sale is when the client backs out in a severe case of buyer’s remorse. But there are ways that you can prevent it and reposition it so that you never have to be disappointed in this way again.

Welcome Gift

As a part of my new client on-boarding system, my team sends each new client a pack of brownies and a congratulatory card within the first month. This is an inexpensive and thoughtful gesture of appreciation that increases the trust factor and can head off the buyer’s remorse.

Testimonial Video

One of the things that I’ve started to do very early on in my relationship with clients is to ask for them to do a testimonial video on their mindset and the thinking they had to go through to purchase my services. This allows them to break down the process and the objections they had to overcome in their own heads, which helps solidify their decision to buy.


Even before they sign that contract to work together, my sales conversation always has prospects list what top 3 things they think I will help them achieve in the next 30 days. Again, this sums it up for them in their own mind and comforts them into knowing that they’ve made the right decision.

Keep up the Nurturing

As soon as a prospect agrees to be a client, they are put on a regular schedule to receive emails, forms, gifts, resources and news from me. This immediate immersion into my world and into my content makes them feel even closer to me and allows them to feel comfortable that they’ve hired a true pro.

Rejection is Protection

Finally, if after all your nurture and follow up efforts, the client still wants to leave, at that point, reposition the situation to yourself with the simple reminder that ‘rejection is protection’. You have no idea what difficult conversations you might be avoiding by losing that prospect. After all, we are in the world of business, where every single moment of every day we have to make decisions. Sometimes they are risky and uncomfortable. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of information to make them. But one thing I know, is that when people are good at making quick decisions and following through on them, they tend to be successful. And if you’re being rejected by someone who can neither stick to a decision nor be able to follow through with it, believe me, you’re being protected by losing them.

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