Deep Dive with Alicia Couri, CEO

Join me today as we welcome Alicia Couri. Alicia does Corporate Consulting focusing on aligning Business strategy with talent strategy, using brain & behavioral science, coupled with analytical data to create synergy in teams, develop leaders and empower individuals to step more confidently into their strengths.

Watch as we do a deep dive about Alicia and learn:

  1. What Audacious Confidence is and how does it fit into business.
  2. What is the biggest mistakes organizations make when hiring.
  3. How can you tell if you are misaligned with the goals of the organization or your team.
  4. How does behavioral science and data impact company culture.

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. Stop trying to do things that you aren’t wired to do. There’s a difference being afraid to do something vs being misaligned to do something (not your strength).
  2. Team Development is essential to accomplishing goals. There’s something in team dynamics called inertia and synergy. If you bring someone into a team that is too similar, you end up with inertia and that can stall the company and disrupts synergy.
  3. Do blind surveys in your organization to access culture. As a CEO you may not know what is happening down the ranks without counting on a manager to report back to you.

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