Deep Dive with Angela Proffitt, CEO

Join me today as we welcome Angela Proffitt who helps entrepreneurs remove distractions and get clear on how to get shit done. We learn how Angela’s helps her clients to slow down, take a step back and strategize.  

Listen, as we learn what inspired Angela to get involved in this industry and how she helps her clients. Hear Angela’s story of studying to become a nurse, including working at a morgue, and later transitioning to a new career in event planning.  

I talk about the value of strategically finding the most expensive pain that you can solve, rather than guessing. Angela shared a success story about how she helped one of her clients pivot during covid to switch his 500-person live event to a 3D digital event with 3,000 attendees.  

Watch as we do a deep dive about Angela and learn: 

  1.  The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make. 
  2.  How she changed careers to focus on planning luxury weddings.
  3.  How she created a new revenue stream during covid. 

| 3 Value Bombs | 

  1.  Have a good follow-up strategy and process. 
  2.  Good quality systems are essential for success.
  3.  The value of finding the most expensive pain that you can solve. 

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