Deep Dive with Ann Sieg, CEO

Join me in welcoming Ann Sieg, CEO of E-Commerce Business School to this episode of Deep Dive. Seven years ago, Ann shifted from working with sales funnels and generating leads, to e-commerce. Today, her business helps teach people a system for successfully selling products on Amazon.

Ann shares an interesting case study of a client who she helped, a family with four disabled children who were impacted by COVID. Using Ann’s method of using real metrics to focus on what’s already selling, and with the help of automation and hiring a virtual assistant, they ended the year with $230,000 in sales and 32-50% profitability.

Watch as we do a deep dive with Ann Sieg and learn:

  1. How automation can elevate your business.
  2. How to successfully produce an income using systems.
  3. The 3 pillars of e-commerce success.

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. Sell wide, not deep. Especially on Amazon!
  2. Use metrics and data points to make smart business decisions.
  3. A trusted Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business and your income.

Ann shares another case study with us where she helped an entrepreneur accelerate her business in a six-month period. Finally, Ann tells us about her e-commerce academy, who her ideal clients are, and why the medical industry has been a particularly interesting super niche. 

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