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Welcome to today’s episode of Deep Dive. I’m joined by Bryan Clayton, Founder & CEO of GreenPal, the Uber of lawnmowing. In only eight years Bryan has grown his business from 20 customers to over 300,000 people using his app and $20 million in revenues.

Watch as we do a deep dive with Bryan and learn:

  1. How Bryan’s start in the lawncare industry led to him building and selling a successful lawn care business.
  2. How disruptive businesses like AirBNB and Uber inspired Bryan to start his business, GreenPal, which has doubled in revenues every year for the last five years.
  3. How outsourcing the build of their app led Bryan and his team to become coders who built their own successful app.

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. Knowing when to delegate, and when to develop in-house.
  2. Every entrepreneur goes through a process of failure. Tech entrepreneurs who are crushing it have experience, they’ve failed, they’ve crashed and burned.
  3. Entrepreneurs have to run hard and make sacrifices for the first five years.

Hear the story of how Bryan went through the process of outsourcing the build of his app and why it led to him and his partners decided to build their app in-house instead. We chat about the myth of the work-life balance, how being an entrepreneur is all-consuming, and the impact it can have on relationships. But is it worth it? Yes!

Finally, Bryan leaves us with this advice. “If you’re starting or growing a business, the way to win is to not give up. Keep working on it until it’s successful. Most business owners give up too quickly. Don’t give up!”

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