Deep Dive with David Russell, CEO & Senior Consultant

Join me today as we welcome David Russell. David has a hiring system to teach managers how to hire the best possible people and avoid the great actors.

He also provides leadership consulting and coaching to transform new or “bad” bosses into great leaders. Dave’s Charm School teaches the soft skills and habits to increase profits and advance careers and assessments to help individuals maximize their strengths and teams work more productively.

In his experience, people become “bad bosses” mostly because they’re untrained or lack emotional intelligence rather than they’re actually jerks. He provides a variety of problems to help “bad bosses” because highly profitable leaders. Are there times when you wish any of your leaders had better skills or habits?

Watch as we do a deep dive about David and learn:

  1. What the #1 objective leaders should have when hiring
  2. What the biggest mistake is made in hiring
  3. The steps in a hiring process that every leader absolutely must do
  4. What the most expensive hiring mistake is

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. 67% of hiring decisions are made in the first 3-4 minutes of the first interview.
  2. When you put an ad out, you’re should sell your culture more than the task list.
  3. When asking for a resume, ask them to do a few things. This is a qualifier for when resumes come in.

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