Deep Dive with Lynn Whitbeck

On this episode of Polish my Pitch Deep Dive, we welcome Lynn Whitbeck and chat about her businesses Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales.

Listen and learn how Lynn’s businesses help B2B heavy machinery manufacturers. We chat about why these companies are losing small to medium sales leads and how Lynn’s systems, training and processes help them fill the gaps.

Lynn shares the story of how she started working in sales, selling Girl Guide cookies, her career journey and the different industries she’s worked with.

Watch as we do a deep dive with Lynn and learn:

  1. How sales and marketing have changed.
  2. The value of being of service to people.
  3. How niching helped Lynn refine her business offering.

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. Don’t try and do too much, you can’t do it all! Focus on what works.
  2. Use tools like templates, processes and systems to make your marketing effective and efficient.
  3. Find a niche that works for you and makes your heart sing.

Finally, we discuss future projects that Lynn is looking forward, to including new training offerings, as well as the value of continuous learning and growing.

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