Deep Dive with Molly Trotter, Speaker & Coach

In today’s Deep Dive episode, I met with Molly Trotter. Molly helps coaches and consultants increase their influence and conversions online through clarity and custom strategies.  

With a background in television as a news anchor, Molly started helping people during the rise of personal branding. Molly now works as part of Dream Factory Co, a collective of twenty plus solopreneurs who specialize in different zones of genius to help coaches and consultants who want to play a higher game. 

Molly provides a couple of examples of how her team helped their clients sell packages online, including David, who wanted to monetize his knowledge. The Dream Factory Co. team helped David make six-figures in one week by selling two packages. 

Watch as we do a deep dive about Molly and learn:

  1. What the biggest ask has been from her target market to help them get more clients? 
  2. What separates her company from other digital marketing agencies? 
  3. What type of success she’s had with other coaches? 

| 3 Value Bombs | 

  1. Cut through the noise online, ensure your messaging and offer is crystal clear.  
  2. Take the time to understand what’s working and what’s not.  
  3. Five figure launches typically take 3-4 months for dedicated people. 

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