Deep Dive with Peter Kozodoy, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Today on Deep Dive I welcome Peter Kozodoy, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of GEM and author of Let’s Be Honest. As a serial entrepreneur, Peter now helps entrepreneurs remove self limiting beliefs and get in honest alignment.

Peter explains the role honesty plays in organizational culture, and how the teachings in his book helps transform businesses. Using client examples, Peter illustrates how his honesty frameworks helps businesses shift.

Watch as we do a deep dive with Peter and learn

  1. How the three tiers of honesty can transform business culture and organizational performance.
  2. How broadening awareness and coming from a place of curiosity can elevate businesses.
  3. How imposter syndrome can impact people’s beliefs.

| 3 Value Bombs |

  1. Learn how to remove ‘self’ from the equation and how to manage egos.
  2. Get curious about your ‘reality’ and the lies we tell ourselves.
  3. Open dialogue can help introduce honesty to your organizational culture.

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