Deep Dive with Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner

Today we welcome Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner at U+, a corporate venture builder who works with companies who’re trying to improve the success rate of corporate innovations.  

Sean helps organizations use innovation to solve problems through digital transformation. The industries he works with most often include financial services, automotive, energy, retail, insurance and governments. He has grown his business 5 x in the last year! 

Using real case studies, Sean shares examples of how he helped the Canadian camera retailer Henry’s build a new revenue stream online, and how he helped one of Canada’s biggest banks launch a digital insights platform. 

Watch as we do a deep dive with Sean and learn:

  1. How start-up thinking can help larger organizations thrive 
  2. Find out why 95% of corporate innovations fail 
  3. How Sean helps large and small businesses achieve results
  4. Explore the ‘need recognition’ processes 

| 3 Value Bombs | 

  1. Find new ways to serve the marketplace of today by using insights to build automation and create new reoccurring revenue streams that grow your market share.   
  2. Typically, services-based businesses are valued at 1-3 times revenue, whereas a license-based model can be valued at 5-25 times revenue.   
  3. The fastest path to product market fitting growth is word of mouth. 

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