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Tierra Bonds helps small business owners and entrepreneurs reach their credit goals allowing them to get approved to purchase their first home. Welcome to the program! 

Tierra explained how she got into the industry and why it’s so close to her heart. We talked about some of the reasons why people lose their credit rating and what some of the most common reasons are.   

We discussed a few of the pain points that Tierra’s services solve. I gave her some ideas on how to find clarity around this, hint, no guessing! Finally, Tierra shared a client story about a recent divorcee and entrepreneur who wanted to buy a home for her and her three children. Tierra shared how she helped this client and what steps she took to improve her client’s credit score. Listen as we get into the nitty-gritty of credit scores. 

Watch as we do a deep dive about Tierra and learn: 

  1. Why having a good credit score seriously matters. 
  2. Some of the negative things that can happen when you have a bad credit score.  
  3. How Tierra incorporates a self-help piece into her business.  

| 3 Value Bombs | 

  1. The best way to improve your personal credit score is by old fashion mail. Send them a physical letter for the best result.  
  2. Be strategic when disputing credit issues.  
  3. There are professionals to help you but, it is possible to do it yourself.  

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