Does ChatGPT Think it Can Replace Human Personality

With the talented AI tool ChatGPT on everyone’s radar, I thought it would be interesting to ask ChatGPT itself whether it could replace me. After all, I take great pride in my sassy and smart content that I crank out each and every week. For once and for all, I wanted to put my mind at ease that I was irreplaceable as a blogger and a speaker. Here’s what ChatGPT told me.

Lack of Personal Touch

The first reason why ChatGPT told me that I was irreplaceable (not just me, of course-every human who writes with personality!) was that it lacks a distinctive voice that is characteristic of human writing. After all, apparently the language model produces generic responses. As an example, I wanted to compare my own email subject titles I used to promote a popular webinar I teach called “5 Closing Mistakes That Prolong the Sales Cycle“. In my first email in the drip series, I used my tongue-in-cheek, irreverent personality when I said “Getting Old Waiting for That Sale To Close?” That is definitely not something a bot can write.

Limited Creativity

While ChatGPT is able to respond to queries within context, it can’t produce truly creative writing that reflects unique perspectives, experiences and styles. Here’s an example to demonstrate: “The Shocking Word That Stops a Sale” was my second email subject line. It got record open rates because it used the creativity of emotion, linked it to the context of the webinar I was selling and was based on the hundreds of complaints I’ve heard coaching small businesses.

Absence of Cultural Context

This one’s my favourite. Any content generated by ChatGPT (according to ChatGPT) is lacking cultural references, nuances or subtleties. Check out my email subject line in the same webinar sales drip “Did it Take You 20 Years to Close The Deal Like Ben Affleck and JLo?” You’d have to be living under a rock (or be a bot) not to understand that cultural reference!

Inability to Generate Emotions

According to ChatGPT, it lacks the ability to generate emotions in the way that humans do. Here’s one example of how I did it in another email subject title: “The Horror I discovered When I Googled Died Waiting“. It shocks, teases and entertains. Is that enough emotion for you?

No wonder I’m not afraid of my job becoming obsolete just yet. What about you?

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