Funny Thing Happened At The Airport


What happens when a small business coach who has just spent her last week writing and talking about how important it is to stop selling services by the hour and products by the unit goes on vacation? Her work follows her to the airport of course!
As I was contemplating exchanging my Canadian dollars to US, I noticed a very prominent sign in the exchange booth window. Much to my disbelief, even a currency exchange bureau was offering PACKAGES to customers. The title on the sign pretty much said it all: exchange more, save more. I got so excited about this sign because it was just one more proof about why it’s essential to package your products and services and stop quoting by the single unit.
Here are some arguments about why this is such a good idea:
Simplicity Sells
In this world of what my favorite coach Sam Horne calls Infobesity-information obesity where we’re swimming in too much information  we kind of blank out when it comes to absorbing most of the messages that surround us. Simplicity is key to getting your message across in a concise way in your business. Why shouldn’t your actual offer, the most critical part of your selling and marketing process be just that simple? Presenting your offerings in the form of packages just makes it that much easier to process, understand and remember what options there are to work with you.
We Live In A World Of Packages
Everywhere you go, from retail stores to high level service providers, everyone is offering packages. We have become a consumer who understands and deals in packs. Why should your business buck this trend and try to peddle your wares by the single unit and invite comparisons and calculations that are sure to come up short in the eyes of your consumer?
Ditch the solo act and get onto the package deals. Then make sure to sweeten your packs with added bonuses and extras and get creative about providing things that your competitors don’t.
You Can Give More Value
If you were to simply sell your products or services as a stand-alone, that’s all you’d be selling. Instead, you’re now providing bigger and better value by offering cross services, complimentary products and bonuses that don’t take much for you to offer but can add tremendous value to the whole pack of what you’re selling. Remember a package offering is larger than the sum of its parts. Sold separately each part wouldn’t be as valuable but put together cleverly by you and designed based on your clients’ needs, they provide true value.
Makes Choosing Simpler
It’s already difficult to decide to buy, why not make it easier to choose. Your client’s buying decision can only be enhanced by simply organized, high value and high impact packages that are offered 2 or 3 at a time. People love choices and you want to make sure that they’re not making a choice between buying and not buying but rather between your packages. You influence and control the decision when you offer packages.
If you still insist that you work in an industry where selling in packs isn’t feasible, look no further than an exchange office at the airport and think about the money you’re leaving on the table by refusing to reshape your offerings.
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