Grew Their LinkedIn Presence by 84% in 6 Months

If a prospect sees your content on LinkedIn, research says that they are 6 times more likely to buy from you. Given its importance, my eyebrows raised to see that content creation digital marketing powerhouse Hubspot was in the news with their success in this arena. Hubspot apparently was able to grow their LinkedIn engagement astronomically by implementing these tweaks to their campaigns. Here’s what you can learn from them.

Less Serious

Hubspot decided to ditch the boring, serious, long posts on LinkedIn, in favour of  more fun and funny posts, videos and one-liners. Of note was their use of memes like the one of Miley Cyrus winning at the Grammy’s when Hubspot won an industry award. The post became one of their most shared ones.

Goodbye Twitter, Hello LinkedIn

Shorter, twitter (X)-style one-liners have now replaced Hubspot’s longer text posts. “Shower musings”, as the head of their digital department calls them, are now the go-to type of post. An example is the one-liner post “If the tone of your voice doesn’t change on a call, are you really in sales?”. Fun, funny, and short. Just like how you’d do it on X.

More TikTok

Video posts are 7x more likely to get reactions and 24x more likely to get comments versus a post with just text. Better yet are hand-held, phone recorded, short form, TikTok style videos. LinkedIn isn’t your Dad’s professional networking forum anymore.

CEO Content vs. Brand

People buy from people, not nameless, faceless brands who are owned by sterile corporations. So the trend on LinkedIn has been to enhance the CEO’s and other company executives’ presence and own POV based content. Their opinions on company news, industry trends and changes to the economy are way more interesting than some pre-approved, canned, impersonal brand messaging.

Carousels Rule

Carousels are the information laden consecutive slides posted as one document in social media. On LinkedIn, they are the most shared content format with the highest engagement ratio that garner more interactions compared to image, video or text posts. You can’t ignore this trend if you also want to grow your presence in such a short time, like Hubspot.

When you look at the success of one company who is mastering LinkedIn, I hope it’s getting you excited for your own success on this amazing platform.

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