How Customers Decide to Buy

As you give it your all and make your pitch to your customer, your customer is also busy thinking about a couple of things. These are:

1. Do I want to do business with this person? Who is this person, really? Do I trust him? Do I like her?
2. Do I want to do business with this firm? Are they reputable? Are they credible? Do I have a history with them?
3. Do I want and need these products and services? Is there a problem that they solve? Is there a goal that they make possible?
4. Does the value meet my expectations? Will I get a quick return on my investment? Is the price in line with other offerings? Is this a unique solution?
5. Is this the right time to make a decision? Is there a reason to buy now? Is the problem about to explode? Is an opportunity slipping past?
via How Customers Decide to Buy.

As a coach, I don’t even get anyone to think of these questions unless they’ve had a personal experience of me. This can be through hearing me speak at an event or meeting me at a networking cocktail or through reading my written stuff. Once I’ve breached the perimeter of their consideration as an answer to their pain, then my website and social media presence and recommendations on LinkedIn kick in and help them answer some of the above questions.
If there’s enough pain and I’ve done a good enough job of convincing them to overcome the barriers of fear of purchase risk and timing, then it’s a no brainer that a customer will decide to buy.
What are you doing to answer these questions for your customers when you sell yourself?
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