2022 Note to my readers: This is a blog that I wrote 7 years ago when I first started my TV appearance journey. Since then, I’ve done 20 appearances all over the US. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing numerous dogs adopted through this vehicle. Also, my business has increased every year in revenue. So in looking back, this was a very good strategy indeed. Read on if you’re trying to overcome your fears to grow your business.


I’ve had to face and overcome a lot of fears to grow my young business but I never ever thought I’d have to face this one.


I recently signed on to a publicity program where I’ll be doing several live TV appearances in the US. It’s not exactly CNN but to an obscure Canadian startup business like mine, it’s a big deal. My TV coach and I crafted a pitch around using Modern Marketing Methods to help people make more friends. Apparently having regular contact with friends reduces depression (as much as medication), and improves your health by the same amount as if you were to stop smoking or to lose weight! So my segment proposal is now called “3 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want New Friends“. Sound great so far, right?

Cue The Dogs

As part of my action plan to be marketable to TV stations, not only am I writing a brand new book almost overnight (Kindle edition only!) and getting a new Los Angeles Google phone number, I have to call the local SPCA in each market that I’m at and borrow a dog as a prop to take to the studio with me. The thought is to position the dog as man’s best friend since the topic is around making friends. The hope is that TV producers love dogs and props and will be more likely to accept my pitch if I bring an actual dog with me to the appearance.
Let me clarify that I’ve never had a dog and while I love them from afar, I have no idea how to handle them. I’m also a little scared of them. I mean, don’t they have abandoned and troubled dogs at the SPCA? It’s like telling someone who’s never held or had a baby to go rent one for the day. For many days, in many different cities. It’s scary as hell for me!

When Rubber Hits The Road

In the 4 short years that I’ve had my business, I’ve often hired coaches and consultants who told me to do things I didn’t think I could do. I was told to quadruple my prices, I did it overnight. I was told to take my business to the US. Now, 90% of my clientele is American. So if my TV coach says to get a dog, I get a dog. I paid good money for that advice and I have a lot at stake here. How exactly am I going to face my fear of dogs to do this? I’m going to ask for help, advice but ultimately I’m going to have to put one foot infront of the other and put on my big girl panties and just do it. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people but a fear is a fear people.  The rubber hits the road when we each have to face up to our own fears and make a decision on if we’re going to overcome our conditioning and past to embrace a brighter future.
See you on TV! Ruff Ruff..
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