How My Heartbreak Helped My Business

babyloganI was 40 years old when I was able to finally become a Mom. I had 2 miscarriages before and 2 after Logan. After 9 months spent in terror while pregnant with Logan, he was born, and we were ecstatic. Ecstatic but still scared. Scared about his picky eating, scared about his development and mostly scared that he wasn’t talking, only grunting even past the age of 2.
What We Did
What does a scared Mom do when her child is speech delayed? She goes nuts trying to get him every resource possible. So we went through the official, free channels. We were put on year-long wait lists. Do you think anyone as driven and obsessive as me would wait that long to solve a problem? No, I hired outside help. Very expensive outside help.
To this day, Logan still needs the support of a speech therapist. Anyone who interacts with him wouldn’t even understand why. In fact, I’ve had a lot of my friends make fun of me for being so anal. But the experts who had assessed him agree with me that Logan needs help around conversation if he’s going to succeed in life and school. So now I pay hundreds of dollars per hour each and every week in the hopes that he won’t be a social outcast, a special needs student or an academically challenged troublemaker.
How To Afford
How can I afford to sustain this and other expenses that we need to incur for Logan’s special need around speech? 2 years ago, this question would’ve paralyzed me. Now, it’s almost an afterthought. Let me explain…
During the last couple of years, I learned huge things about money. I’ve learned that my childhood conditioned me to be bad with money. I learned that my income set point was set very low and nothing I did while still operating within my conditioning could get me beyond it. Once I learned to break my money set point, I was able to triple my income and be able to afford the things that my child really needs to not only survive but to thrive.
Your Why
A Positive psychology conference I attended this summer presented research that showed high correlation between the pursuit and desire for wealth and depression coupled with anxiety. I found the study highly contentious and was almost on the verge of calling out the keynote until I realized that the crux of the issue is the intention. If WHY you want money is to obtain material things, then I can see that you might have self-confidence and self-worth issues.
What Money represents to me is having enough resources to help my child live a better life. It represents freedom for us in deciding if he needs a special education. It means peace of mind that he’s getting the fastest and best help there is out there.
It broke my heart to see another Mom at a playgroup whose child was diagnosed with Autism and who was put on a year-long wait list just to have the first consult. She cried at every gathering, feeling powerless. I offered to help her financially but she was too proud to take it. I feel so grateful every day that I have the ability to create the wealth to not be in her situation. I go out and market myself everyday for the ability to maintain and grow that wealth. Not for me but for Logan.
When your WHY is strong enough, you cannot afford to play small in your business.
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