How to Build Customer Loyalty in 2013

Isn’t it the ultimate goal of every small business owner to make customers become slaves to their fashion. To have their clients tatoo their names? To become lifelong raving fans? Yes yes and yes. I really loved this very simple and short and kinda funny article about how to make that very thing happen.

1. Be more than just a vendor.
When building your strategies, start with the needs of your customers’ customers and work backwards to discover how you can be the most helpful.
2. Be more than just a vendor.
Provide such incredible service that your customers feel like they’d be crazy to even consider buying from anyone else.
3. Be more than just a vendor.
Find customers for your customers so that they can build their own business and thus give more business to you!
4. Be more than just a vendor.
Whenever possible, meet your customers in social situations rather than purely business ones.
5. Be more than just a vendor.
I think you get the point. Have a great 2013, everyone!
via How to Build Customer Loyalty in 2013.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!
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