How To Get More Sales Meetings in 2022

One of the biggest complaints I get from business owners I meet is that they don’t get into enough new sales meetings with corporate buyers. So I compiled a list of everything we change in our work with clients to get them more meetings.

Golden Rules for 2022

The biggest advice I would have for most businesses is 1. to Stop Waiting. Stop waiting for existing funnels to deliver more meetings. Stop waiting for referrals. Stop waiting for the market to change. Change something. 2. Apply the 1% rule. That is: break down the different components of how you now get sales meetings and improve each by only 1% and that will change everything. Here are some things to re-consider:

Your Positioning

One of the first things to change if you’re looking for more sales meetings in 2022 is to change your positioning. Namely into a specific niche. A niche is a small segment of a target market (ie. an industry) and a very specific specialty that you offer. This often makes the biggest difference in your marketing and your results.

Your Messaging

The most important reason why you aren’t getting more sales meetings is because your marketing message isn’t converting. It’s most likely too generic, too confusing. It’s blending in with the rest of your competitors and it’s boring. Remember that 70% of humans (including those pesky corporate buyers!) buy to solve a problem. So make your messaging very specifically about their pain. Better yet, introduce emotion into the message through humour and you’re golden!

Your Outreach

Another key thing to change if you want more sales meetings with corporate buyers in 2022 is your outreach. We know that buyers will never go back to wanting more in-person interactions in the new year. The continuing outbreaks of variants, the uncertainty of travel and the added time-constraints of having to do more with less people thanks to the ‘Great Resignation’ all mean one thing: you have to perfect your online outreach to buyers to get more sales meetings. Master your LinkedIn game, try new email marketing strategies, speak at virtual events. Your outreach now has to fit the 2022 mold.

What I want for you in this new year is to meet more buyers. Then I want you to get into more meetings with them. Then I want you to close those sales fast. And most of all, I want you to grow despite all the obstacles that might be in your way in 2022!

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