How To Grow 75% In One Year

Say what? Yes, that’s right, my bookkeeper and accountant who were working on my year end recently, pointed out that indeed, my revenue had a 75% growth over the previous year. I knew things had been going well but to see it quantified in a final number was quite different. So I reflected on all the trials and tribulations of my ‘year of recovery’ and thought I’d share some pearls of wisdom about how I made it happen against all odds.

Shrink First

Ok this one’s a flippant one because I’d never wish that on anyone. The pandemic all but wiped-out my speaking funnels when the US-Canada borders closed. So of course, to have such a high growth, I don’t recommend another pandemic but it certainly partially explains why mine was so huge.

Port Your Funnels

As the conferences and live speaking opportunities funnels dried up, I had to adjust quickly into moving all my client acquisition into online funnels. The problem was, of course it was a slow learning curve full of mistakes. But I used a few of the other below strategies to overcome and succeed in my new funnels.

Invest In New Skills

Namely, how to prospect on Linkedin, how to do livestreams, how to do tricks on Zoom to keep an engaged audience. Everything was pretty new and I hired a coach or bought a program to teach me how to excel at all of them!

Get Even More Super-Niched

My most successful outbound effort was when I got really specific about who I was targeting (Women Owned Certified Business CEOs) and what pain I was solving for them (Matchmaking Mistakes with Corporations). After all, it is what I teach, day in-day out: to narrow your focus.

Get More Visible

Since I could no longer grace stages across the US, I had to find ways to get more visible. I now have a weekly livestream called Tuesday Tea Time With Chala. Plus 3 podcasts I host and many others I guest on. In addition, I speak on virtual conference stages. Lastly I hold my own virtual Executive Roundtables and Masterclass trainings. Phew, I’m tired just writing it out.


This is the only thing that matters anyway. I’ve firmly come to believe that without the mindset stuff, none of the ‘efforting’ would work on its own. My gratitude journal, meditation, flipping my negative thoughts in the moment, doing money mentality exercises from multiple coaches who specialize in this (Amanda Frances, Mira Kelley, Abraham Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Wayne Dyer…the list is endless!) have all helped me achieve this year’s tremendous sales growth.

I will never stop talking about success. Mine or anybody else’s. So if you also want to grow 75% next year, keep these things in mind. I wish you a great new year!


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