I’m Selling My Failures

I loved this concept I heard from my coach Kelly Roach. I have failed and failed over and over again so that my clients don’t have to. You are buying a short-cut over all those years and dollars and heartache of trial and error. Here are my failures that you’re buying.

Failed Generalist

When I first graduated from coach school 15 years ago, I had no idea that I should niche. I was a complete and utter generalist, telling people I worked with corporations and individuals on life and business issues.

Like the other coaches in the world, I proceeded very quickly to starve. Then I woke up and smelled the 18 years of marketing expertise I had for giant brands like Pepsi, Pizza Hut and FritoLay where I differentiated and niched new products for a living. Now, my clients buy those failed months and waking up a 2am after non-stop nightmares because I couldn’t generate any income. Because I was a generalist.

Failed Lowballer

My coach teacher who I hired was only charging a certain amount for her coaching. This was similar to all our other teachers. Again, I proceeded to starve because I couldn’t get up the courage to ask for a higher fee than theirs. Luckily, after a solid year of making half my corporate income, a lovely coach came along and showed me how to quadruple my prices overnight. At the age of 42, I tripled my personal income and have never looked back. Now, my clients buy those months of doubting myself and my abilities where I was stuck in my childhood story of scarcity.

Failed Pleaser

When I started getting multiple 6-figure clients, I thought that I had to bend over backwards to please them. I gave them whatever conditions they wanted through the contract. I let them and their teams get away with not doing the work. I chased them. I called them incessantly if they didn’t show up for the session, afraid they wouldn’t think I was serving enough. It completely backfired. My biggest $50K client asked for a REFUND after I beggared myself to her. My clients are now buying that painful experience and those horrid 6 months of feeling like a servant and not getting them any results.

Failed Webinar Star

Just before Covid first hit, I got onto the Webinar rollercoaster. I did my own webinars and they didn’t work that great. Then I bought courses from experts in the market who were crushing it. I spent months memorizing and copying their slides. My eyes were crossing over in exhaustion during the first days of covid when most people were busy streaming Netflix. But it never brought me the real results I was looking for. Then I invested my brains out in my current Live Launch format and things are starting to really come back. My clients are now buying all those failed webinars so they never ever make the same mistakes that I did.

Failed Social Media Marketer

I thought I knew social media because I had a VA who posted my content for years and years. And I had content, let me tell you. I was on podcasts, hosted my own show, I was on TV, I did webinars, I had posts. Well, I never really realized what social selling was until I hired my new VA and my new social selling team showed me how to take cold to closed right there on Linkedin. Now, my clients are buying the years of fruitless posts and money poured down the drain in posts and artwork that never once turned into a paying client.

If you own a business, you are also selling your failures to your clients. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to make a list of them to send out. Just saying’…

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