Invested In Every Coaching Program and Still Have No ROI?


What it Looks Like on the Other Side of ROI-less Coaching Programs

I’ve been talking to a lot of coaches and consultants as a result of recent sponsorships I’ve been doing at large conferences. The fact that a lot of them have invested in a lot of fruitless programs to grow their business, is the refrain I hear from a lot of them when I tell them how I think I can help their businesses move forward. Here’s what happens when you’ve invested your brains out in coaching programs and yet you’re still struggling to have a steady flow of profitable business.

1. They Give Up

You’ve tried everything, emptied your savings, invested in not just one but many coaching programs. You’ve diligently implemented everything you could so what could one more coach teach you that you haven’t already tried? These folks are ready to give up and get a job or just accept their fate that they were never meant to be a great success.

2. They Delay Decisions

Once a business owner has been ‘burned’, they delay the pain of making the unpleasant decision of moving forward by saying “I’m just not ready to face the same disappointment again”.  This is just another form of saying ‘no’. If you are not growing, you are dying.

3. They Blame

Successful people take responsibility for their results. When I hired coaches who didn’t help me, it was because I hadn’t identified what my real need was and hadn’t done due diligence to figure out if they had that expertise around my real need. Still, I learned from good coaches and bad coaches. I succeeded anyway because I was so incredibly determined to. When you’re spending time and energy blaming others, circumstances, your life for the state of your business, it’s been my experience that NO coach can help you.

4. They Keep Trying

This is the dividing line between successful entrepreneurs and those that become a sad statistic. When the business isn’t doing well, when you hit roadblocks, when cash flow has dried up and your mindset is starting to work against you, are you going to give up or keep trying to find the true answer to your problems? What’s the consequence if you give up now after working so hard and trying so long to get more business?

5. They Move Forward With More Information

When I discovered that I had no issue getting leads but needed work on closing high end, 5-figure packages, I went out and hired a coach who specialized in exactly that specialty. A gentleman who saw my conference breakout about Niching said he finally understood why he had never had a big ROI from any other business development coaching program. It’s because he didn’t have a defined niche. So what is the piece of info that you’re missing that you need help around now? Find it and get it.
As a person who has hired and worked with numerous coaches in my short 3 year business life, I’ve found that like life, your experiences in business are related to how you look at them. If you look at your ROI-less past coaches as valuable teachers and look forward with real insight into what you really need help with, your ROI will find you and quickly.
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