Is Comfort The #1 Enemy Of Your Success?

uncomfortableLast night, I watched the amazing Ewomen network founder Sandra Yancey speak at our chapter event and when she said that ‘comfort is the #1 enemy of success’, it was as if a shot was fired off in my head. It resounded so much with what I’m feeling all the time as an entrepreneur that it felt wonderful to hear her validate that I’m normal and that it’s actually good to be me.
Sandra had a lot of doozies last night. She is after all a millionaire and a visionary. Having built a business network for entrepreneurial women because 14 years ago in Dallas, where she lived, she couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a social club for women or an old boys’ club for..well old boys, she’s pioneered the networking industry. Since I was also privileged to sit with her at a private session earlier, I’ll share her pearls with you:
Give Everything Away Free, Holding Nothing Back
Her philosophy is actually pretty similar to mine. If you give give give, you will get get get. No exceptions, no fears and no limits.
When Your Past Calls, Hang Up
That cracked up a lot of people. I’m not really hung up on my past but oh those pesky patterns and conditionings that follow me from when I was a baby sure are hard to shake. Constant vigilance and mentorship to help keep me from sliding back are the way I hang up. How do you?
Your Biggest Success Lies On The Other Side Of Fear
I LOVED this one. I’ve dramatically changed my business over the past year. I’ve spent my brains out on investing in my own growth and in my own marketing. Do you think I’m not scared? That’s why I’m uncomfortable dammit! Ask yourself if YOU are uncomfortable right now. Your ability to step away from your comfort zone in almost every aspect of your business will be directly proportional to your growth. I’ve lived this truth and still see its results.
Quit Your Negative Circle
You know those people who are complainers and blamers and constantly want to drag you down and drain your energy? Sandra says to dump them with love. Harder to do if they’re your family (and luckily my family’s my biggest fan and support base but I can see how hard it would be to ditch your fam).. Here’s an example Sandra gave of how you can do the said dumping “Do you notice we keep talking about the same things and that they’re not really adding anything positive to us? Well, instead how about we keep each other accountable and not do that?” Then if they still won’t get the message after 3 tries, they’re out.
I’m still on a buzz from the high that was this inspirational night. If my buzz inspired your buzz, we can vibrate together. Eww not like that!
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