Does Your Logo Help You Sell More?

Relax, let your logo do the selling

How many times have you been asked what you think of someone’s new logo and to pick one out of a handful of finalists? I’d bet a lot! Every time an acquaintance asks me for my opinion on what I think of their logo, it reminds me of all the things that are wrong with this picture. In fact, it’s as wrong as asking someone to buy a gift for someone and not tell them anything about that friend. Let me explain all the pitfalls of picking a logo and how to avoid them to turn a logo into a sales machine.

Who Are You Asking

It literally killed me when a client we had done a full 6 months’ worth of repositioning and messaging work with went and asked her entire network of friends and family for their input on her logo design. Why? Because none of them were her direct target and would NEVER be in a position to buy her services. They were just her network.You should only ever seek the advice of 2 types of people for your marketing-1. an expert and 2. your prospects. I’d even say dump the expert if they don’t tell you to ask the prospects.  This type of ‘Proximity Advising’ of asking loved ones for their opinion about your logo absolutely slays me. Read my previous rant about this topic.

What’s A Logo Anyway

Never mind asking the wrong people to pick out your best logo design but let’s take a step back and look at how a logo is supposed to help you make money in the first place (which is why you’re in business remember?) A logo is the graphical representation of your company (brand) name. When a logo and brand name are strategically picked to communicate exactly who you help and what you do, then it’s really working hard to make you money. For example, a stylized lettering of my name Chala Dincoy can be my company brand and logo or it can be  my brand name The Repositioning Expert stylized to convey fast motion forward. Which one do you think says more about what I do? If your logo doesn’t in graphical or actual language communicate your niche, it’s wasted space.

Marry A Tagline

When a logo alone can’t convey who you help and what you do, a tagline always helps. Make sure to always keep the logo with the tagline in every treatment. For example, my client Richard’s brand name is Food Distribution Guy and his tagline is ‘Marketing to get you listed’ because he helps small food manufacturers get listed in hard-to-reach grocery stores. His new logo and tagline have gotten him 16 new clients in the year we repositioned him simply because of his ability to better communicate who he helped and what he did for a living.

How A Logo Helps You Sell

Once a prospect who is in pain for the solution you’re selling sees that reflected in your logo, brand name and tagline, it’s a match made in heaven. Your logo is now an official prospect cat nip for your business. Every time you use it in front of your target buyer, you get an appointment. Just like my financial advisor client Dina*(not her real name) who we niched into the target market of Divorcing Women. Like many in her industry, Dina was a generic advisor offering everything from retirement planning to insurance.  When she became the specialist for helping Divorcing Women and helping them keep their lifestyle unchanged after the divorce (which our research told us was the biggest fear), her brand name become Divorcing Woman. Her tagline became ‘financial advice to help keep your lifestyle the same’. Our logo graphics was reflective of the target which was pink and bold.
You can treat your logo design as the lipstick on the pig (a stylistic, aesthetic exercise)  which won’t make you money. When you discover that a logo is all about conveying the brand strategy, then you can effectively use it to make more money.
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