Make Google Loove (not a typo) You

How do you get into fickle Google’s black heart (for those of you who have a love-hate relationship with Google, that is!)? How do you become a favourite searched business owner or business? Well, it all starts and ends with one thing: Becoming a Topic Expert.

Voice Search

One of the biggest trends in search is the shift from typing search to voice search through devices. In fact, 71% now prefer voice search. So, what does that mean for you, as a business owner? Well your content has to now be focused in word clusters and articles vs. keywords. For example, a voice search has an average of 29 words and therefore you now need to be providing content that has at least that many words in your blogs, video descriptors or website copy. When you’re a Topic Expert, you can do that easily by implementing some of these below suggestions.


When you become super-niched into one industry and choose one problem to solve for them, you become a Topic Expert. Now, you take that topic and write about as many inter-related subjects that fall under that super-niche. That’s called a cluster of content. For example, my super-niche is helping solve the problem of the difficulty of getting meetings with corporate buyers for small diverse business owners. My keynote title, blogs and website case studies all talk about different aspects of how to get to meet corporate buyers. Even my podcast is about polishing your pitch.

AI vs. Keyword

The new Google algorithms love to let AI work it’s magic in filtering through all your content and coming up with the conclusion that in fact, you ARE a Topic Expert about one problem. Keyword stuffing, (ie. using the same words you think your prospects are looking for in your content) is no longer the vogue.


Another reason why Google looves (again-not a typo, just me being saucy) Topic Experts is when you and your content is visible everywhere. In multiple formats. Video, audio, podcast, livestream. Not just your own web page and social media but industry pubs, conference pages, group sites.

So, you can see that when you and your opinions about one topic (your super-niche) make the rounds, Google will truly fall in love with you. And as I’ve been saying for decades, clients will surely follow.

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