Marketing Mistake 72: Relying On Existing Business Coming In Without Investing In A Marketing Strategy

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Eric Oakland

Eric Oakland, the co-founder of Relumed, is on a mission to help more organizations become visual-thinking brands to effectively communicate their message. Contrary to popular perception, visual thinking tools, such as whiteboards, are not just limited to lectures or classroom sessions. Instead, these solutions can be used by any company from any industry to successfully deliver their message to their target audience.

Eric says that his biggest marketing mistake was being inconsistent with this market. He initially relied on word-of-mouth and existing clients but wasn’t paying too much attention to how he was being perceived by those who didn’t know him. This led to him not getting as many new clients as he could have.

He suggests that the biggest thing all entrepreneurs can do to improve their marketing is showing up, whether that’s in physical trade shows or improving online visibility through regular blogging. It doesn’t matter if you don’t receive clients all the time – the important thing is that your brand becomes well-known in your specific industry. Eventually, people will remember your name when they need what you can give.

Eric says that creatives, especially, should take special care in managing their marketing strategy. Often, creative people feel that as long as they have a good product, the customers will come. However, customers need to know that the product exists first for them to want to purchase it.

Eric’s Top Suggestions On How To Avoid Makings Mistakes

  • Always show up – Visibility is key to marketing: People don’t buy what they don’t know. It’s important that you maintain your online visibility so that people know that your business exists and that you’re active.
  • Be consistent – In the same vein, it’s important that your messaging is consistent. When you release any content to the online space, make sure that your branding is aligned with your company’s mission and vision. This also helps build credibility for your business.
  • Be patient – Don’t knock the small stuff. Many startups get discouraged at the beginning because of a smaller customer base and monthly revenue. However, you need to be patient and keep moving forward. When you are selling a good product and are passionate about your brand, you will eventually get more and more customers.

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Chala Dincoy is the CEO and Founder of The Repositioning Expert (division of Coachtactics), www.repositioner.com. She’s a Marketing Strategist who helps B2B service providers reposition their marketing message to successfully sell to corporate clients.

In her former life, Chala was an award winning marketer at companies such as Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Frito Lay, Diageo, Playtex and BIC Inc for 18 years. Now she’s a successful entrepreneur, and the author of 4 books including Gentle Marketing: A Gentle Way to Attract Loads of Clients. Chala’s also an expert featured on major television networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, as well as a frequent speaker at Nasdaq, Harvard Club of Boston and International Business Conferences.


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About Chala

Chala Dincoy is a Marketing Strategist who helps B2B service providers reposition their marketing message to successfully sell to corporate clients