Meet The People I Let Tell Me Off So I Can Grow

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I actually let people tell me off. Worse than that, I pay them to do it. I mean, I don’t actually ask them to tell me off and they don’t always tell me off but you get the idea.
Here are the people who I let shape my life and future while they tell me off:

My Trainer


The torture chamber and its Mistress

“How many times do I have to tell you this Chala” she yells frustrated, never taking a single excuse as to why I can’t jump higher or run faster. I try to explain to her that I’m old and tired and jetlagged but it doesn’t really make a difference. Do I feel embarrassed to be told off in front of other sweaty people? Sure but in the end, I get the results. Deanie is the one lady who I actually let and pay to tell me off over and over again because she demands better from me than I would dare to do myself.

My Mentor

David and I at last week's retreat

David and I at his last retreat

David Neagle is such a no-nonsense, no-excuses kind of guy that he once famously told me that if my clients ever cry on the phone that the way he handles it is to tell them “Shut that the f### up, we’re not children here. Don’t try to manipulate me with your tears!” Wow, am I ever glad I never cried when we were coaching. But as always, he’s probably right. Anytime I have limiting beliefs or excuses I didn’t even know I was making (“I don’t want to travel for business because I’m worried my 6-year old will forget me”) David told me off and made me realize that it was just BS that I created to keep me from my dreams.

My Media Coach


The Celebrity Maker Clint Arthur

“Clint can get a dead dog on TV” was the endorsement I got from a 9-figure business owner client of his. Well, I’m not a dead dog but I wished I was by the end of my media training because Clint let it fly. He had very little tolerance for reticence, shyness, incompetence and he let you know it. After the dust settled, I can see that all the telling-off wasn’t in vain. I am well on my way to completing my 5th TV appearance in the US and the bigger markets are just around the corner. So yes, Clint is definitely another one I let tell me off on a regular basis.

My 6-year old


Mr. Flajnik and I

“Stop kissing me!”, “I can dress myself!”, “Put my underwear on”, “I don’t like you and Daddy going out on Saturday nights to restaurants without me!”. Yep, I let Logan tell me off on a regular basis. No idea what to do about that and open to suggestions. Logie has definitely been one of my biggest teachers in this life and he stretches me in unimaginable ways every day.
So think about what lengths you’re willing to go to for a better life and a bigger business and see if you need to move out of the comfort of surrounding yourself with people who agree with you most of the time to people who will challenge, stretch and yell at you on occasion.
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