No. 1 Marketing Mistake You're Making

Bet you didn’t even know that when you’re measuring your success by the number of likes and follows and clickthroughs, that you may only be achieving short term success. The following article claims that the number one mistake small business owners are making is to stop developing meaningful and emotional relationships. See what else they say below, it really resonated with me:

Because the CEOs are competitive-minded, they try to solve their marketing problem with quantity (hits, clicks, likes, impressions, followers) instead of quality (emotion, inspiration, connection, identity, affiliation). They develop metric-lust, and pursue tactics that fit nicely into a spreadsheet, but aren’t really acknowledging the reality of the customer’s conscious and sub-conscious behavior.
The result, unfortunately, is an experience that fails to keep the customer around. She sees it, shrugs, and quickly forgets. The short-term marketing tactics get her into the net, but she slips right through the big hole in the bottom. You have to create an emotional experience that’s so sticky, so engaging, so compelling that they don’t want to leave. To compete in a tough market, you have to make your customers feel something.
You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone to do it, though. You can’t solve this problem sitting at your desk staring at a spreadsheet, trying to find the logical answer. Go talk to your customers. Figure out what’s frustrating them. Learn what gets them excited. And work with your team to brainstorm ways to add layers of real emotion to your business.
via No. 1 Marketing Mistake You’re Making.

So get out behind your computer, get out there to network with the right crowd and make relationships like they did in the old days when people took clients golfing and become friends.
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