People Need What I'm Selling, Right?

Surely everyone needs what I’m selling, right?

No buddy, they don’t. One of the most important things that I teach my clients is that, sadly, the world isn’t always looking to buy what they’re selling. It’s a low blow, a crushing disappointment and a bummer but there you have it. Why is that and what can you do about it, especially if you’ve built a whole business around it?

Find Out The Pain First

Before you do anything related to your sales and marketing or even starting your business (if it’s not too late!) figure out the market pain for what you sell. Figure out if 1. there is even a pain where people are actively looking for your solution and 2. if there are enough of these people that will pay you to earn the living that you want. This is the first step. For example, a new self-defence academy client is figuring out who to target in corporations and we just found out that almost half of all workplace violence is committed in the Retail industry. Alternately, we found that cab and Uber drivers are 36 times more likely to die than the National average! Crazy isn’t it? Where there’s pain, there’s a sale.

Target Your Message

Now that you know who is most in pain, figure out a way to tell them that you can help. Do this in your website, your tagline, your elevator pitch, your blogs, everything. For example, if we do niche this client in the industry of Retail, imagine him telling a Retail HR manager that he helps prevent the $1Billion liability due to the loss of life in retail stores? Do you think he’ll get a meeting?

Live In The World Of Those Who Need You

Now that you’ve found your people, you’re set. All you have to do is get in front of their ears and eyes with the same message that you can help. Use as many creative ways as you can think up and do it as many times as you can. When your marketing plan is focused on just this group and your message is always about the same pain, you stay carved into their minds. The moment that they’re in pain, they will remember your expertise about this topic.
Once you figure out who (if anyone!) needs what you sell, your marketing becomes so much easier, doesn’t it?
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