Polish My Pitch Podcast episode sixteen with Dale Stoneman, Legal Shield

Dale is in an industry where she can help a lot of people with a lot of legal pain. However, her elevator pitch was still not as sticky as it could be. I mean, I have been meeting Legal Shield reps in both the US and Canada for years and they all have the exact same elevator pitch. With Dale, when we focused her down to a very specific group and their most expensive pain points, ideas started flowing.

What I love about the process of Polishing someone’s pitch is that my guests come alive when they are describing the problems that they solve. They demonstrate their deep knowledge of their craft and their industry. A bad elevator pitch obliterates that.


Enjoy listening to how Dale, who knew her subject matter cold, was able to get really niched and specific with her pitch so quickly. As one of my dive instructors once said as we jumped off the boat, “I really love what I do, people!”

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