Polish My Pitch Podcast episode eleven with Ipek Onder, Marble Importer

Ipek is a friend and also happens to have the same name as my beloved sister so it was so much fun Polishing her Pitch. Being a keen businesswoman, she knew her stuff cold. She knew who her target was and the features of the product that she’s selling. However, what she was having more an issue with was to stop talking about her company and her products but to start talking about the customer’s problem that she was solving.


Through an arduous questioning process, we finally got her to a great pain point that will definitely perk up the interest of prospects and builders. Always start talking about the prospect, never about yourself or your products or how great they are. Build all the stuff about your features and benefits into the pitch within the context of HOW you help the pain of your customers. After all, Dale Carnegie once said that the most beautiful word in any language was a person’s own name. Because people care more about themselves and their problems versus yours. Hope you enjoy this digging expedition into Ipek’s business to Polish her Pitch.

You can listen to the podcast on your favourite podcasting channel – iTunes, Google, Spotify or Stitcher. If you’d like to have your pitch polished, reach out to me chala@repositioner.com.


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