Polish My Pitch Podcast episode fourteen with Carol Schulte, Coach

Carol is truly one of the bravest women I know so it was really great to help her hone her Pitch. As I watch these videos for a second time to write these blurbs though, I can see that I’ve skipped some stuff in the moment. Like how Carol was telling me that she’d like to target one industry and how I just skipped over what she was telling me and re-wrote her pitch for the industry I thought she could help the most (based on other clients who are actually doing market research about the same topic!).


One of the benefits of my advice during the 5-minute Polish-a-thons is that I bring 25 years’ experience of watching business ideas fail or thrive. After having repositioned countless businesses to higher profitability, I break out in hives when I see a business that can be making more money but isn’t because they’re so all over the place. So, the advice I’m giving Carol or anyone else on these podcast sessions is really a call for everyone to take a look at their business and communication strategy much closer. Chances are, that if Carol were to focus on one profitable industry and becoming an expert in their pain, that her marketing would become simpler and her business would grow faster.

If you thought what Carol went through was a great experience, email me at chala@repositioner.com to be my next guest. I welcome all your comments and also don’t forget to subscribe and rate our Podcast!


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