Polish My Pitch Podcast episode nine with Rochelle Sandy, Wealth Advisor

Rochelle started off talking about an age group as a target and a generic pain point that she helps them with. The first problem is that people don’t gather by their age. I recently went to an ABBA/Queen Video Halloween party and the number of 20-year-olds singing “I Do I Do I Do” seriously raised my eyebrows. How do these kids know the words? So that’s my point about people not gathering by age but by either industry or interest group. Wealth Advisors are the first profession (and in the most amount of pain in my opinion) to fall into the trap of offering to do everything for everyone in their business. That just helps them blend in and get lost in the shuffle. Then they are only dependent on relationships and letting those develop slowly or only being able to sell to their close circle. Sadly, most aren’t satisfied with that because it’s not a lot of growth. So instead, what I tell every financial advisor, mortgage broker, realtor and multilevel marketer I work with is to focus on a target group based on their industry or interest. Through my questions, Rochelle and I were able to come to a real profitable pain point for a specific interest group. I hope she really does use this Pitch, positioning and marketing plan because otherwise she will continue to be undifferentiated, which will cause her to be unnoticed and possibly even unprofitable.


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