Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirteen with Peter Kelly, Videographer

In his initial elevator pitch, Peter called himself a video story-teller. He then very kindly went on to educate me (his pretend prospect) about their pain. This is a tough haul because you should never have to talk someone into needing you. Instead, I’d rather your target prospects were already tearing their hair out and bleeding out cash, looking for the solution that you offer.


Through my laser questions, Peter and I were able to get to several interesting avenues of niching in a couple of different target options. The important thing is to make that decision strategically (ie. Based on true market metrics) vs. your own assumptions. I always tell businesses to run far and fast if a marketing consultant is sitting behind their computer (or a microphone) and writing your business strategy without talking to your prospects in the market.

So, my advice to Peter was along those lines. Take my suggestions but check them with your prospects to see which possibility is more viable. Then you’ll shortcut your route to success and stop investing your time and money in marketing to people who you have to educate into feeling a need for you.

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