Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty four with Teri Beckman, CEO of HIGOL

Teri’s pitch was a very simple and short one to begin with. Then it got rough. But I thank Teri for being a gracious and open-minded guest.

The problem with the pitch was that I didn’t understand what exactly Teri did for a living. Was she a consultant, a financial expert, or maybe even an IT company? I had no idea how she helped ‘Mission driven organizations increase their revenue and community impact by 50% in 12 months.’


When I further probed, she named about 7 different pain points for no specific industry. When I asked her to focus on one pain and one target group, Teri very quickly pointed out Non-profits as her primary target. The question of their number one problem that Teri helped was a little less forthcoming. Part of the magic of the coaching that I do is to help CEOs like Teri actually identify the problem that they solve from a business results perspective.

We finally wrapped it up with my multitude of suggestions for alternate versions of an elevator pitch for them.

I sincerely hope that after what seems like a tough-love session, that Teri understood the importance of being able to segment the market and to message according to their specific needs. Thanks for being such a good sport Teri!

I’m almost afraid to say this but if you thought what Teri went through was a great experience, email me at chala@repositioner.com to be my next guest. I welcome all your comments and also don’t forget to subscribe and rate our Podcast!

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